3 Reason why free range meat is the better option

There are many reasons as to why free range meat is the better option for you.  Apart from the many health benefits, there are also ecological factors to consider as well as the welfare of the animal that we get our meat from.  We all strive to receive the best that life has to offer and search for flavours that really tantalise the taste buds.  We all strive to get the best jobs, drive the best cars and live in the best house.  Why not try and get the best meat?

Meat quality

Free range meat tends to boast a more intense, rich flavour and has much higher nutrient content, which is a result of the animal being able to roam free as they wish and eat a balanced, nutrient-filled diet as they would naturally.  

Health benefits

Apart from the great taste you get from free range meat, you also get some awesome health benefits too.  The meat is leaner and is high in nutrient content and has a much lover toxin level than your other meats. Free range meat also high in omega 3 fatty acids which help lower blood pressure , vitamin E for your skin and conjugated linoleic acids which help to give you energy.

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Animal Welfare

Most of the meat that we get from our supermarkets comes from animals who have been raised in an intensive system with no real care for the animal.  Free range meat however, comes from animals that have been treated more ethically and in a more humane manner. I might be a bit of a dreamer, but I would like to think think that the lovely piece of meat that I have in front of me came from an animal that had a full and happy life, which is why it tastes so yummy.

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