5 Fun ways to get fit for summer

After the the cold winter and all of that comfort food, a lot of us find that extra centimeter or two around the waist that they were hoping would just stay away.  As we all try to think of ways to cut the winter flab, it is often hard to get into the swing of things when it comes to exercise. Not all of us have the desire to spend hours on end fighting with a dumbbell or having to sweat every last drop on a treadmill.  Some of us prefer a little bit of a distraction or perhaps a scenic view as we attempt to sculpt our bodies for the summer sun. For this reason, I decided to come up with a few fun ways for you and your friends to have a laugh while getting into shape.



Most people associate cycling with peddling down a tarred road, with constant hoots and shouts of profanities coming from passing motorists asking you to get out of the way or the ever present fear that the a Toyota Quantum is going to cut you off just as you reach your high gear.  If that’s your jam, then that is fine too, but there are more tranquil and yet exciting ways to get legs working again. Visit Exciting Mountain Bike Trails and Tracks around Johannesburg for some cool ideas.



Now, no-one is saying that you have to be the next Michael Phelps or Penny Heyns at all, sometimes doing a few lanes in the pool can be the perfect distraction from our hectic city lives. It’s the perfect, full body workout with minimal impact on the joints.

Here are the 10 best swimming pools in JHB to suit any kind of swimmer, whether you’re a novice and shy beginner or if you fancy yourself to be quite the aspiring Olympic athlete.



There a number of us out there that prefer a little bit of competition, some human interaction and perhaps even a little banter as we sprint up and down the court and letting out every bit of frustration that we may have experienced during the working day as we swing our racket around.  Whether you’re firing aces past your opponent on the baseline or engaging in long muscle burning rallies, tennis is definitely a fun and exciting way to get your cardio vascular muscles working and the rest of your body well toned. A few of the more popular tennis hangouts are: Tennis at the Wanderers, Randburg Tennis Club, Tennis at Marks Park.



If you’re looking for a complete workout that is infused with aerobic and anaerobic fitness, then basketball will most certainly tick all of those boxes.  Yes, it does require a slightly larger group to enjoy the full experience of the game, but that doesn’t mean a quick 1 on 1 won’t get your heart throbbing.  With so many a court and hoops at almost every park in Johannesburg, there really isn’t a shortage of space, but I would say that one of my favourites would be Basketball at Wanderers.



Sometimes there is nothing more soothing than the sweet, serenading sounds moving water.  And what could be more pleasurable than taking a cruise on the open waters of a lake or river with the sun warming your back all while having peace of mind that your body is getting a workout at the same time. If you’re looking for a peaceful row on your own or with a partner why not try your hand at Rowing on Zoo Lake. Or if you feel that you might have stumbled onto a new addiction in rowing then you might want to joining one of these two clubs, Victoria Lake Rowing Club and Wemmer Pan Rowing Club.


Let’s get out there and have some fun!

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