6 ways to make cooking for your family more fun!

By June 12, 2018BLOG
Cooking for your family

Cooking for your family can often seem like the last thing you have time for, after a long day’s work. But it’s often super important, not only for the health of you and your family, but also as an opportunity to teach your kids about food, and to spend time together as a family. Here are some tips to make cooking for your family a more enjoyable and rewarding experience:


Make it a family affair

Make an effort to sit at the table (which we definitely encourage!), and get the family involved in the prep. Little ones can carry napkins to the table, older kids can toss salads, light candles, and Dad can make drinks. It’s more fun when everyone is helping out together. And if you commit to doing this regularly, it’ll become a healthy habit for everyone.

Cook a family favourite

Sometimes it pays to just give the people what they want. If your family loves roast chicken, then make that a weekly occasion!

Or try something new

Stuck in a rut making the same dishes all the time. Dedicate one night a week, or every two weeks to trying a new dish. Always wanted to make tacos? Here’s your chance! Who knows, you might even find a new family favourite.

Meal plan!

Take a little time ahead of your week to plan the meals you’d like to cook, and stock your fridge and pantry with the essentials for those meals. This gets all decision-making out the way, and saves you time during the week.

And get the kids to help with planning

Even your 5-year-old is old enough to help plan your menu for the week, so get the kids to give their ideas. It’s more fun planning your meals with others, and it means they’re more likely to eat what ends up on their plate! Use your judgement to balance their demands for burgers and fries, with some healthy, veggie packed options. Definitely do burgers, but include interesting veggie options as toppings, and pair with baked sweet potato fries.

Make it entertaining!

Pour yourself a glass of wine or crack open a beer, play some music and gently get cooking.

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