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By Aug 24, 2017BLOG
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Apparently there are 16 working Mondays left before Christmas. Your first reaction might be to gasp in absolute horror and admit defeat; the year is basically over. But before panic sets in, take a deep breath and think, that’s 16 opportunities to do something. Anything. 16 opportunities to go for a run, take a day off, go for coffee with a friend, or maybe it’s 16 opportunities to make a change, to do something different, to be a better person, and we think you’re up for the challenge!

Instead of dreading that moment when you hear the first Christmas carol played in the shops, or crying at how much you still need to do before the holidays arrive, firstly trust yourself (you’ll get all that stuff done – you always do!), and secondly, try and set yourself 16 positive, healthy, helpful goals, that will help you end the year off on a positive note. And don’t start the list with ‘sort out finances’ and ‘figure out my future’. Come up with 16 activities that you can realistically achieve in the 16 working Mondays left of this year.

We asked some of the Munching Mongoose Team for one of the items on their lists. What is one thing they wanted to do before the end of the year, the one thing they wanted to change, or achieve, or tackle? This is what they came up with:

“Finally get around to building a small fence in our garden so our veggie patch can survive our dogs.” – Brad


“Set up a triple-date with two of my best friends, to get to know the men in their lives.” – Kerry


“Spend some time working on the book I’m writing, maybe even finish a chapter or two!” – Tamryn


“Visit a part of South Africa that I’ve never seen before.” – Grayson

So whatever’s on your list, don’t panic! Just be brave, be crazy, be silly, do something, anything, and embrace the second half of what’s already been a whirlwind 2017!

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