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Everybody loves a good bowl of pasta, and it can be such a family-friendly meal! But pasta doesn’t have to just mean mac & cheese or spag bol (although, we absolutely love these family favourites!) Pasta is super versatile and can be a great way to introduce your kids to new veggies, or get them to try new flavours. Pasta night can also be a great way to bring everyone together, making a simple meal and enjoying it as a family! And yes, it can be healthy & wholesome too! We thought we’d share some ideas to inspire your weekly pasta night, and help make it delicious, healthy, wholesome & fun!

Make it a salad

Change it up by making a pasta salad! Great for lunches, or a simple dinner on a warm evening. It’s also something a little different. Pair your cooked pasta with raw lunchbox veggies, like grated carrots, sliced sweet peppers or cucumber, or make it greek with tomato, feta, cucumber & olives. Serve with a simple vinaigrette, and you’re good to go.  

Make it veggie-full!

Pastas are a great way to incorporate more veggies into your meals, and hopefully get the family to try something new. Have a picky eater? Pasta can be a lifesaver, and even if they eat around a certain veggie, they’ll be eating some of it and learning that veggies aren’t so bad. Another (sneaky) way to incorporate veggies is by making a pesto. Pestos are perfect for adding extra green veggie goodness, like spinach, kale or broccoli, without fussy eaters being any the wiser!

Looking for some veggie inspiration? We like Jamie Oliver’s simple mushroom & cauliflower penne, or Sarah Graham’s 10-minute pea & mint pasta. Or try this spaghetti & green pesto recipe from Alida Ryder.

Try your hand at homemade pasta

While store bought is the simple and easy solution when trying to feed your family in a hurry, it can be incredibly rewarding to make your own every now and then. And if you make it a family affair, then it’s a great opportunity to spend time together, making a meal and enjoying it at the dinner table. Here’s an easy recipe for making your own pasta. And make it fun by encouraging the family to choose their toppings, from a simple tomato sauce, to cooked peas, crispy bacon and a variety of cheeses to sprinkle on top.

Looking for other ways to get the family involved in cooking? Read our blog post on 6 ways to make cooking for your family fun!

Final tips? Opt for wholewheat, always try and include some veggies, and always top with a generous glug of extra virgin olive oil! Happy Munching!

Do you love pasta as much as we do? Share your inspiration with us in the comments below.

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