Why you should be excited about citrus!

As the seasons change (Hello Autumn!), so too should the variety of fruits and vegetables that we eat. Here at The Munching Mongoose, seasonality plays a big role in what you’ll find in your boxes each week, and we’re all super excited for the beautiful winter produce coming our way! From beautiful citrus fruits (lemons, grapefruits, oranges) to asian greens and everyone’s favourite, the avocado. With this in mind, you’ll find some heirloom grapefruits in some of your boxes, first harvest of the season, and a little citrus inspired surprise product, to get you excited for winter’s harvest!

And why is seasonal eating important? Because it’s good for you, and good for the world around us! By definition, seasonal usually means local, which means less imported produce, and fewer carbon emissions. By choosing to buy locally farmed, seasonal produce, you are supporting and encouraging our local farmers. Seasonal fruits and veggies provide a natural diversity and variety that encourage a well-rounded and balanced diet, giving your body the nutritional balance it needs.Think oranges packed with vitamin C for strong immune systems in winter, and deliciously ripe tomatoes, brimming with carotenoids to protect against the summer sun. Seasonal produce is naturally ripened, and harvested when it’s supposed to be, making it fresher, tastier and packed full of nutrients. Fewer pesticides, less artificial ripening and shorter storage periods make seasonal fruits and veggies delicious, nutritional powerhouses. And if you can get your hands on organic, even better!

To celebrate winter citrus, you’ll find some delicious, freshly squeezed orange juice in your boxes this week, from SOGA Organic, to enjoy mindfully whilst anticipating all the winter fruits and veggies. SOGA Organic is a certified organic citrus processor, that works with organic citrus farms in the Eastern Cape, along the fertile Sundays River Valley. They work with farmers who understand the importance of farming in harmony with nature. It’s about putting back more than we take out, to ensure healthy soil and sustainable farming practices. And you can taste the difference in their freshly squeezed orange juice, which is then freezed to maintain freshness. It is also free from preservatives and other nasty additives. Just freshly squeezed juice from healthy, naturally grown oranges! We hope you enjoy!

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  • Yes! Buy local, eat local, support local. I also like the idea that seasonal eating provides some diversity in our diets, giving our bodies and minds and opportunity to mix it up a bit.

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