Getting our hands dirty for Nelson Mandela Day

By Jul 25, 2018BLOG

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

We feel that helping others is a very important part of why we are on this planet, and it’s a major drive of The Munching Mongoose to help others, and bring joy into the lives of all who come into contact with this little business. Abraham Kriel is a children’s home that we have worked closely with over the years, and for Nelson Mandela Day, we always try to do something special for these kids. This year, we partnered with Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club, to host some of the girls from Abraham Kriel for a morning of gardening! Here’s what we got up to!

The lovely ladies from Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club hosted us at their little spot at The Gardenshop in Bryanston this past weekend. We learnt about what’s important to grow plants; sunlight, water & good soil, and we got to understand a little more about what good soil means. The girls then had the opportunity to work in groups to create their own gardens, filled with herbs, edible flowers and veggies. The one group was super creative, making lots of shapes with their plants, whilst the other group stuck to good ol’ rows. As they went, they were taught about the different plants, and given tips on where to plant each of them, and how they’ll grow. The beds were watered, and then mulched with hay – another important gardening lesson! The girls each got to take home a potted plant, that they chose and planted, and are encouraged to take care of going forward.

And it wouldn’t be a Munching Mongoose affair without some delicious food! And our suppliers really came to the party! We had freshly baked bread rolls filled with roasted free-range chicken and organic tomatoes, cheese & lettuce, organic orange juice lollies, fresh apple juice, healthy drinking yoghurts and low carb chocolate cupcakes! We love being able to share such amazing food with these kids, and it was quite the feast! Happy hearts & happy bellies all round!

Thanks to our customers and suppliers who contributed towards this day! Special shout-out to Mooberry Farms, The Conscious Confectioners, Antonia’s, Urban Fresh & SOGA Organic. And thank you to Pat & Nicola from Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club for helping us bring it together! It was a great morning in the sunshine, and we can’t wait for next time!


Abraham Kriel is a children’s home that rehabilitates, cares for and educates abused and abandoned children. They do some amazing work, and we feel so blessed to be able to support them, and engage with the amazing kids, the house moms and all who work towards giving these kids the life they deserve. Every month a portion of our earnings goes towards sourcing and providing the same quality food that we and our customers enjoy, and donating it to Abraham Kriel Children’s Home. We provide them with food boxes every month so that they too can enjoy healthy eating! If you’d like to support this cause on a more regular basis, feel free to get in touch! Just pop us an email at [email protected]

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