That’s right it is our birthday again. Time really does fly – Maningi the Munching Mongoose is 4 years old this September and we are happier than ever to be doing what we are doing! We love being involved with local farmers and artisans, playing our part in families living happy and healthy lives and most importantly we love bringing as much joy as we can, wherever we can. We want to make sure that we always do our best for our mongaggle, our team, our partners and suppliers. We even love it when people that don’t know about us, come across our company somewhere and just smile or giggle at our name – that’s a win to us!

Over the years there have been many exciting times, many challenges, many changes, even many places that we have called our burrow. There have been phenomenal people, some of which may have come and gone, and structures that may have shifted, but one thing that is consistent is that here at The Munching Mongoose we all love playing our part and all believe wholeheartedly in the reason we do what we do. Joy – to help create a platform – incredible produce and food at the dinner table – around which families and friends can create amazing memories, share laughter, eat well, love, laugh and strengthen relationships. We think it is pretty cool that that’s the end result of what we are doing here and we will always work tirelessly to make that experience as good as we can each and every week.

To celebrate this milestone and the support we have had from our mongaggle, we have some cool stuff planned during our birthday month of September – competitions, specials, surprises and much more!

The Competition :

The magic number is 4, so we will be giving away 4 weeks worth of deliveries!!! A whole month of free Munching Mongoose goodness!

We love spreading the love and we think this sounds pretty good to us. So how can you get yourself in the running to win a whole month FREE!?!?All we ask is that you share the love too.

To Enter :  

If you are already a Mongaggle member :

1) Refer a friend, family member, colleague or neighbor

2) They successfully sign up to use our service

3) you will receive an entry into the draw.


Not yet part of The Munching Mongoose family?

1) sign up and use our service during September

2) you too will be entered into the draw

3) you could be the lucky winner of the FREE month from us.

There will be other prizes too – Like a hamper of delicious artisan goods and treats, or a few extra surprise items in with your Munching Mongoose deliveries! Who knows really, but it will be both fun and yum!

Thank you again to everyone that has been a part of this journey so far and we are super excited for what lies ahead. We can’t wait to have you onboard with us for the next 4 years and beyond!

Happy Birthday Munching!

*The main prize (4 weeks of free deliveries) will be equivalent in value to the same standard order you have been signed up for and receiving on a weekly basis – Mini Bag, Midi Box, Maxi Box, Low Carb Box or No Veg Bag. Please note that this competition is only open to active customers*

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