Here’s how to eat more dark green vegetables!

By May 24, 2018BLOG

Spinach, swiss chard, kale, collards, broccoli, rocket, pak choi, beet leaves…are you eating enough of these good-for-you dark green veggies? Dark green vegetables have been shown to have higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals, compared with their lighter leaved counterparts. And many of them grow well in the cooler weather, so now’s the time to enjoy them! Here’s why they’re good for you, and how to get more in your diet!

Dark green vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, and are full of antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which can help fight inflammation in the body. Kale and broccoli are also high in Vitamin C; just what’s needed in these cold winter months. According to a recent BBC study, swiss chard and beet greens came in the top 10 for foods that provide the best balance of your daily nutritional requirements. Did you know that the leaves of the beetroot plant are high in calcium, iron, vitamin K and B-vitamins? We’ll dance to that ‘beet’!

So how can you include more of the dark green vegetables in your diet? Here’s some of our favourite ideas for winter:

Add them to smoothies! Smoothies are a great way to increase your intake of dark green vegetables (and fruits and veggies in general). As a general rule, always try and include a leafy green in your smoothies, like kale, spinach or beet leaves. Not sold on the taste? Add some more seasonal fruit to your smoothie, to balance the flavours better.

Add them to stews, curries, soups…or just about anything you’re heating up this winter. Add towards the end of cooking, to keep them bright and crisp!

Use the leafy greens as wraps! Fill lettuce cups with mince and make asian inspired veggie kale rolls. Yum!

And lastly, we would say make a delicious salad…but it’s way too cold for that at the moment! Adding some warm toppings, like roasted veggies or toasted seeds, and paired with a tasty feta or pecorino cheese does help though!


We love all these beautiful dark green vegetables, but it’s equally important to eat a wide variety of seasonal fruits and veggies, to make sure you’re getting the goodness your body needs. We strongly believe in eating a seasonal rainbow, and we try to build our boxes in this way. This week in your boxes, not only will you find a beautiful bunch of kale, but also onions, gem squash, carrots and oranges, amongst others. Happy Munching!

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