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So every week you get an amazing delivery of fresh organic produce. The only problem is that you don’t always get through all of it before it goes off. What a waste of money!

So how do you make the most out of your purchase?

Well, no need to stress! We are here to give you our top tips to get the most out of your groceries.

  1. Be a domestic goddess and make use of that leftover loaf.

For best storage, keep your bread on the counter, out of direct sunlight or in the freezer for long term storage… But what do you do if life has gotten away from you and you have forgotten about that gorgeous loaf?

What a waste! Well, if you do find that your bread has gone slightly stale try out these hacks to use up that leftover loaf

  1. Sour milk, no problem.

We all know that raw fresh milk doesn’t last as long as pasteurised milk but we purchase it anyway for its health benefits. We can keep it cold to help prolong the shelf life, but what do we do when it goes a little sour? Don’t stress you can use your sour milk to make pancakes, biscuits, smoothies etc. This way your family can still benefit from the nutrients that it supplies. Next time your milk has slightly lost it’s sweetness, check out this site for some inspiration

4. Leftover veggie soup anyone?

So at the end of the week you have some leftover veggies that aren’t looking as good as they once did… Well it’s now or never for them. Here are some of our favourite recipes, to help you use up those leftovers.

How about some veggie fried rice,  Frittata or soup

Enjoy those leftovers, happy munching mongaggle!

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