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The keto diet is everywhere, but what is it really about?

So what does keto stand for? Well, it stands for ketosis. Ketosis is the term used to describe the state your body is in when it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy. Instead it burns fat as fuel, in the form of ketones.

Is ketosis good or bad? Well we will leave that up to you to decide! 

But we are going to help lead you to some sound research that we have found.

One thing that has been proved is that the keto diet does work for weight loss. However this diet has been criticised, with regard to what some believe it may do to cholesterol levels. Click the link to find out what the results were when 73 obese individuals followed a keto diet for 24 weeks. Cholesterol, blood glucose, urea and creatinine levels were all tested during this study. 

Other than weight loss, the keto diet has been used to treat various conditions. However, as this diet is difficult to stick too, not much research has been done long term. Follow the link to find out what else the keto diet has been used for:

So what are your thoughts Mongaggle?

Good or bad? 

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