Nature’s Perfect Imperfections

We all strive for perfection. Whether it be perfection when it comes to school grades, whether it be perfection when it comes to finding the family home you have been dreaming of, or even perfection when it comes to what you are willing to put on your plate at meal time.  Some, as hard as it may be, seek perfection in every aspect of their lives. We all have our expectations and ideas of what perfect is or may be. But what, really, is perfect?

Do we seek the picturesque, aesthetically faultless, and shiny items in hopes that we are receiving the best possible offering? Are our standards all set on what we see at face value?  Do we sacrifice function over beauty or visa-versa? Are we all of the same belief that prettier is better? At the risk of sounding superficial, we have to admit that, to some degree, that is exactly what in some cases.
Do we look for the largest item we can find, supporting the theory that bigger is better?  Well, when it comes to television sets, then I’m pretty sure well agree with that sentiment.  Do we search for the boldest, most vibrant? We all, as mentioned before, have our own criteria for selecting what we think is the most ideal/perfect item for the given situation.
In many ways, nature also has its preferences on perfection. Nature’s views on perfection is that everything is perfect. Everything was created and formed exactly the way it should have been.  To nature, perfection isn’t just about size, colour or form. It is about pushing through the hard times to find a way to continue life. One aspect supporting another to achieve symbiotic living for all under the sun.  
When we look at an orange, we expect it to bright and ‘perfectly’ round. When we look at a carrot, we expect it to be orange and in ‘perfect’ cylindrical cone shape.  Does that mean a bent carrot is less perfect? That would imply that it is an underachiever. That sounds a bit unfair on the little guy, especially if we know why it is bent.  Could it be that, in its growing process, the carrot encountered some less forgiving soil and then had to change its direction to ensure that it continues to grow to be able to assist another life form further down the line.  One would say that, that carrot is an over-achiever that endured through the hard times to stand up tall? Wouldn’t you say that is perfection even with all of it imperfections?

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