Our 10 Favourite Recipe Sites From Around The Web

It’s the weirdest thing … you want to eat cool meals all the time but you’re not always able to let your food creations flow.

So what does one do?

Well, you work with recipes of course.

Recipes are vital in providing the inspiration necessary to continue our practice in the culinary arts. 

Here are our top 10 recipe websites to get you buzzing in the kitchen and all cheffy in no time.

  1. Aninas. Recipes – https://www.aninas-recipes.com/

This amateur turned pro is a foodstyler, recipe developer, photographer and cook. Her recipes are wholesome and easy to follow. Looking for a delicious breakfast dish that the whole family will love, check out her breakfast quiche. 

  1. Bibby’s Kitchen – https://www.bibbyskitchenat36.com/

This recipe developer, food stylist, content creator and food writer offers recipes of all food styles and dietary preferences. Stop by her page to check out some of her flavourful recipes, like her 7 delicious curries.

  1. Baking Ginger – http://baking-ginger.com/about-me/

This baker, blogger, photographer focuses on the sweeter things in life. If you have a sweet tooth and need a pick me up, check out her creamy chocolate coffee smoothie recipe.

  1. Bits of Carey – http://bitsofcarey.co.za/about-me/

This Food Science and Nutrition graduate’s motto is simple, fuss free deliciousness. She offers recipes of all kinds, from snacks and baked goods to hearty meals and vegetarian dishes. Check out her homemade bagels.

  1. East After Noon – http://eastafternoon.com/cookbook/

This writer, food stylist and photographer from Cape Town focuses on seafood and sustainable seafood fare. If you have a love for fish and all things local, check out her smoky haddock polpette. 

  1. Healthy Vegetarian Foods – https://www.healthyvegetarianfoods.co.za/about

This foodie has a passion for Indian vegetarian foods and grew up surrounded by great flavours and many passionate cooks. If you are vegetarian or just enjoy the great flavours that come along with indian dishes, check out her mattar paneer.

  1. Simply Delicious – https://simply-delicious-food.com/

This food styler, recipe developer and author of two cookbooks, is passionate about creating recipes that any amateur cook can tackle. So if you’re new in the kitchen, check out her soy honey noodle salad.

  1.  Ice Cream Everyday – http://icecreameveryday.co.za/

If you are a regular in the kitchen and want to take it to the next lever, check out her baked yoghurt brulee or if you just want to try something funky, go for her tomato sauce chocolate cake.

  1. Drizzle and Drip – https://drizzleanddip.com/

This food stylist, recipe developer and food photographer has two recipe books. One for the sweet tooth and one for the adventurous cook with diverse flavours from a variety of cultures. If you want to try something new, check out her chicken and rice pilaf with orange and spices.

  1. Scrumptious – http://whatsforsupper-juno.blogspot.com/

This foodie from Cape Town is the author of three cookbooks. Her motto is home cooking and old-fashioned craftsmanship. If you feel like making a hearty oldschool dish, try her chicken with bacon, leeks and cider.

Happy munching!

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