Spring Cleaning – for healthier eating!

By Oct 20, 2017BLOG
Munching Mongoose_veggies

Last week, we had a look at tips and ideas for spring cleaning your home, not only to make it cleaner, but also a little greener. With a new season comes the opportunity to identify the areas in our lives that might need a little work, a little clean-up, and a little refresh. And for some of us, we might feel it’s time to ‘spring clean’ our diets! Eating a little cleaner is ultimately better for you and your family. Here’s 2 ways to refresh your diet for healthier eating – why not give it a go!

  •  Let’s quit the sugar. Let’s cut out the processed food. Let’s commit to eating more real food. Sound ambitious? It is, but it’s the first step that’s the hardest, the rest kind of just flows from there. Once you decide to eat a little less sugar, you automatically start to eat less processed food (because the stuff’s full of of it!), and you start to seek out more real, natural food – healthier eating. You need to look at this as more of a journey, something that will take time. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of living and eating, for a healthier and happier you. And you just need to go in with a good attitude and an open heart. For more inspiration, read this post on cutting out sugar, and this one on eating more real food.


  • Eat more greens, and yellows and oranges and reds! In fact, eat the whole damn rainbow in fruits & veggies! The trick here is to (1) opt for more seasonal fruits and veggies, as they provide a natural diversity and variety that encourage a well-rounded and balanced diet, (2) choose organically grown fruits and veggies, where possible, as this type of farming focuses on enriching soil health with natural and sustainable farming methods, and healthy soil means healthy plants, full of their natural goodness, and (3) be a little adventurous, and give those more unusual veggies a try – they each have their own nutritional merits! Still growing to love veggies, then this blog post is for you!


  • And get the kids involved! Can they eat the rainbow in a day? Find all the brightly coloured fruits and veggies, and encourage them to taste them all! We’ve helped you get started with this colour chart – it’s a fun way to teach your kids about the importance of eating a healthy (and colourful) variety of fruits and veggies!

Munching Mongoose_Eat the Rainbow

Healthier eating means eating a little less of the not so good stuff, and a few more fruits and veggies, and by being more conscious about this, we’ll doing our bodies a favour. Fruits and veggies are full of good things, like nutrients, vitamins and fibre (remember to choose seasonal and organically grown where possible), and learning to embrace them a little more is only for the good! So grab this new season with both hands, and see it as an opportunity to make some healthier, greener and more sustainable changes!

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