Our 10 favourite organic and whole food eateries in Pretoria.

Pretoria is one of the most happening cities in South Africa and vibrant food culture means amazing food-trends emerge from the capital of Mzansi.

We naturally wanted to track down the best organic and whole food eateries and share that list with our customers here.

Have you been struggling to find your next scrumptious snack?

Well we are here to help, with our top 10 delicious, healthy eateries in PTA.

Here’s our list, hit us back on social if you agree and if you can top this.

  1. Lexi’s Eatery 

If you are vegan then I am sure you have heard of Lexi’s Healthy Eatery and if I know vegans, I know that they are prepared to travel far and wide to get their snack on. Well you no longer need to as Lexi’s Healthy Eatery has expanded to Hazelwood.

  1. Afro-boer 

This restaurant represents an all round love for our country. Their philosophy is amazing. They believe in wholesome foods, using all South African food cultures and supporting local farms and small businesses. Afro-boer has both a restaurant and a spaza shoppe which operates like a self service canteen-style food store, which adds to the unique atmosphere. If you are looking for farm fresh food and real culture, then this is the spot for you.

  1. Rosemary Hill 

Do you like cycling or being outdoors? 

Well then, this is the spot for you! This coffee shop is located on an organic farm surrounded by running and cycling trails. All freshly prepared meals are made from their home grown produce. 

So nip in for a light meal after your next cycle.

  1. Cafe Zing 

If you consider yourself the ultimate health freak when it comes to food, then Cafe Zing should be one of your go to restaurants. From their grass fed, hormone free meat to their locally sourced organic fresh produce, this place screams health. So go check it out next time you have a  “what am I putting in my body” panic.

  1. Geet 

Do you have a love for flavourful Indian cuisine? Are you strictly veg or vegan? Then this is the place for you, prepare yourself for all the freshness and all the flavour!

  1. La Coco C 

This veggie hot spot takes every diet into consideration. From low-cal and low-carb to gluten free. So this is the perfect spot for a fussy eater. Head on over if you are the  “double shot non-fat extra foam, no sprinkles” type.

  1. Pure 

Are you all about that breakfast? Well the healthy breakfast options just keep coming at Pure Colbyn with their low-carb, paleo and banting options. This is the place to break that fast. 

  1. Orange Mongoose

Are you trying to escape the busy streets of PTA? Then head over to the “secret garden” for a handmade flatbread with some fresh homegrown ingredients. 

  1. 23 on Hazelwood 

This trendy street cafe considers itself to be a restaurant, bakery and bar. If you are deemed a hipster then this is the spot for you. 

  1. La Terasse Rooftop Café & Deli

From the fantastic setup to the Morroccan flavours this restaurant is a must try! This unique little spot caters for high teas and group lunches. They also are here to make your life easier with their restaurant deliciousness now available in frozen meals at their deli. 

Happy munching mongaggle!

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