Most people I know have a neglected relationship with food, never truly taking the time to understand “healthy eating”.

The relationship becomes one of necessity. Hunger or boredom arrive and they find themselves reaching for quick and easy flavoured calories. It’s a pity really because a healthy relationship with food is one of the most important relationships we should be cultivating in order to live the good life!

The problem most of us have is that engaging in food has become reactive. A result of our busy lives and the fantastic marketing efforts of mass retailers and consumer brands, who spotted the “busy life” problem and began creating fast foods, convenient foods and quick meals in earnest. 

Now, the odd bit convenience in food is not a problem as such, it’s when fast and convenient becomes the default mode that we have a problem. Food should be slower than what most of us realise. 

So, back to the topic of this blog post. What then is the secret to a good relationship with food?

It is this … 

In order to have a healthy relationship with food, you first need to have a healthy relationship with time. 

Yes, time. Why though? You might ask.

Well because food knowledge, consideration, preparation and good food all take … time. Think about it.

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Yes, becoming mindful of the relationship between time (your time) and food (the food you choose to eat) is the prior condition for establishing a connection to what you put in your body. Eating well is positively correlated to good time management.

Time to slow down, make the time to eat deliberately and establish a healthy relationship with your food.

Happy munching. 

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