Fun things to do this Halloween

Costumes, treats, tricks and mystery! Who doesn’t like Halloween? Whether you trick or treating with your kids or perhaps watching Nightmare on Elm Street for the tenth time, this holiday sure knows how to bring out the inner child in you. Some of us would prefer to go all out and decorate their entire house to emulate something out of the Adam’s Family stories to scare your visitors, while some others would prefer the more subtle approach of rather staying in and watching a scary movie with a partner, while others prefer to spend their time out meeting new people and seeing what other people have come up with to impress the crowd. I decided to mention just a few things below that you could still do to celebrate Halloween.


Halloween Festival

If you have missed out on the trick or treating events that have passed already. Or perhaps you got on the bandwagon a little late and only realised today that it is Halloween, then don’t worry you haven’t missed out on all of the fun just as of yet. Montecasino is having hosting a Halloween festival presented by Doritos this Saturday 3 November 2018 called Festival de Mexico. It is total fun day for the whole family with great music and awesome treats for the kids.  If you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something totally different, then be sure not to miss out.


Trick or Treat

It’s never too late to start on a little adventure with your kids, dress up and pretend to be a character that has always driven fear into your very core or perhaps live a childhood dream of being a superhero out to save the world peril. It could be as simple as organising with your neighbours in your street or you could go out and try get your entire block involved.  Some of us may have been planning our outfits since last Halloween, but if you happen to still be on the search for a costume at short notice then you might find some luck at your nearest Crazy store. If you haven’t got any treat for the kids yet then you might want to pay Dicks Sweets or even Sunrise Sweets to ensure you don’t have any disappointed scary kids on your doorstep.

Watch a movie

There are so many brilliant movies to watch on a day like today to get the blood boiling, the toes curled and every muscle in your body tensing out of fear that can be streamed via your favourite streaming platform. Or you could perhaps take a walk on the wild side and see something totally new and frightening, all while surrounded by other screaming strangers. The movie house never fails and this week they have some awesome movies for the youngsters like Goosebumps 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3 and for the more braver souls, there are movies like Halloween and Slender Man. All very good movies and guaranteed to keep you entertained from credits to credits.


Have fun out there!

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