Timing, change, challenges…. and OPPORTUNITIES!

You will often hear people say that “the timing is just never right”, but perhaps if viewed a little differently the timing is always “just right”. There is a glass half full or half empty metaphor lurking here somewhere…


Recently my family was presented with what could be viewed as a massive opportunity or a huge challenge. It is not always easy to see it as so clear cut, as black or white, and often the reality can be found in the grey hazy area somewhere in between.


My lovely, beautiful and ridiculously supportive wife Rebecca has been offered a phenomenal job in the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand – Affirmation for the years of hard work, dedication and skills she has. While it is a no brainer for her career and seemingly an amazing adventure for our family and kids, it was not an easy decision to make. We LOVE South Africa, we have incredible family and friends here, and of course then there is the small matter of The Munching Mongoose, which I have poured my heart and soul into over the past 4 years (yup its our birthday again too! YAY!). Rebecca has patiently supported me with The Munching Mongoose and has been the rock of our family enabling me to build the business to where it is now.


So here we have a juncture or question of “timing” – In the business world, the peg in the sand seems to keep moving. “Get through the first year” they said, then it was that you just need to keep your head above water for 3 years and all will be fine. Having past these milestones, I am now lead to believe that it is a minimum of 5 years before you can even give thought to breathing easy! Thanks guys, way to string me along!!


Is the timing of this offer then “not right” or “just right”? Well we are taking the plunge… So I guess the timing is perfect, or at least that is what we will make it! We have decided to see and embrace the opportunity, the adventure. To knock on the door and see what lies ahead and for me to play the supportive role. We are under no illusions that this process is going to be pure and smooth sailing (we have already had some ruffled feathers and heated discussions), but I am fortunate to have an incredible relationship with Rebecca and we’d like to think that by embracing the situation, good things will come.


New Zealand is a beautiful country with a calmness to it and is filled with lovely, welcoming and friendly people and so we are excited to see what will transpire for our family.


It is amazing how things can then evolve and snowball – Since having taken the decision to run with the offer, other positive things have already started to fall into place. While I was initially convinced that I would be able to maintain my active operational role within The Munching Mongoose from afar, thanks to technology, I slowly came to the honest realisation that it would not be the best way forward for the vision of the company and for bringing joy to as many people as possible. So we put out feelers to find a “Managing Mongoose” to step into the business and help run things on the ground, day to day. During the process I was so inspired to meet incredible people that were all looking to add value, to be involved with something beyond having a job and that truly wanted to be a part of the Munching Mongoose family. It was really humbling too, and made me super proud to know that why we do what we do every day, what we have built and what we are striving to achieve resonates deeply with so many people.


Through this process we also found a great fit – Siggi, our new Managing Mongoose! Siggi is passionate, loves having a laugh, works hard, has already picked up so much of what is required and has brought a good dose of quirky and great ideas to the table. There is a new lease of life and energy at the burrow and while it is hard for me to relinquish some of the control and to let someone else steer the ship, (and it is of course also very daunting for Siggi) I already see only good things ahead. Siggi will not be on his own and has of course got the support of Gracious and the rest of our team (including my brother Ryan and our original founding partner Tamryn), who have, and continue to be integral to The Munching Mongoose way.


The decision and change has also brought on some other positive knock on effects and inspired Kerry, who has been an integral part of our team over the past 18 months, to branch out and spread her own “organic” wings. We will stay closely linked to Kerry as she embarks on the venture of converting a family tennis court into an organic small scale farm. Keep an eye out as I am sure you will soon be receiving produce grown by Kerry (and far greater things than that if I know her at all). We wish Kerry all the best and nothing but success on this journey and can’t wait to see what positive impact she makes in the organic sector in South Africa – we predict big things!


Change can be daunting, bring with it challenge and uncertainty, but it can also inspire new beginnings, positive energy and plenty of joy. The Munching Mongoose will not only truck on, but I believe is going to grow from strength to strength. Structures may have changed slightly and some people may be heading along new paths. My direction is taking me somewhere that is geographically distant, and I will be living in a different time zone, but the love and commitment to our mongaggle will not change. I am staying very much involved and am in fact going to explore the options of flying the SA and MM flag high and possibly even introduce Maningi The Munching Mongoose to the Kiwis!


This is not goodbye, but we do want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has been a part of the journey so far, that has and continues to support us, and have become a part of our mongaggle in one way or another. We appreciate it more than you could ever know.


So here is to the timing being “just right’, embracing opportunities and spreading as much happy, healthy joy as we can within the capacities that we each have!


Happy Munching!

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