What’s in season?

Munching Mongoose Autumn Maningi

Autumn is on its way, bringing with it beautifully cool weather, pavements full of crunchy orange leaves, and a new array of seasonal fruits and veggies. You should be enjoying your last juicy summer mangoes and fresh tomatoes, and be looking forward to deliciously tart oranges, and hearty, Winter vegetable soups. Yet, many of us don’t pay attention to what’s in season, because it’s so easy not to. And you’d be justified in asking “Why should I?”

Back in the day, we woke up in the morning , went out into the garden and had a look at what was available to us for food that day. Then we planned our daily meals around the yummy, healthy produce hanging in our gardens. Now, sadly, we start with a menu of all the meals we want to cook that week. We then write-up our shopping list, and head off to our local supermarket. The fundamental flaw is that consumers now dictate what should be on supermarket shelves, not the farmers and not the seasons.

But eating seasonally is incredibly important, for your health, and for the environment. Here’s why.

Eating seasonally is good for you

Seasonal fruits and veggies provide a natural diversity and variety that encourage a well-rounded and balanced diet. Eating with the seasons means eating this natural variety, and this gives your body the nutritional balance it needs. Think oranges packed with vitamin C for strong immune systems in Winter, and deliciously ripe tomatoes, brimming with carotenoids to protect against the Summer sun. Seasonal produce is naturally ripened, and harvested when it’s supposed to be, making it fresher, tastier and packed full of nutrients. Fewer pesticides, less artificial ripening and shorter storage periods make seasonal fruits and veggies delicious, nutritional powerhouses. Our ever favourite avocado is the perfect example. Yes, a properly ripe avocado is a wonderful thing, but cutting into an out of season avocado can be brutal – hard, stringy and utterly tasteless.   

Eating seasonally is good for our world

Not only is eating seasonally good for your health, but it’s even better for the health of our world. By definition, seasonal usually means local, which means less imported produce, and fewer carbon emissions. By choosing to buy locally farmed, seasonal produce, you are supporting our local farmers, and encouraging them to farm what is in season. When things are grown when they’re supposed to be, it is more likely to result in an abundant harvest for our farmers, and this helps them manage costs, and meet demand.

Choosing to cook meals using seasonal ingredients may sound complicated, but it’s really quite easy. It encourages simple, delicious cooking that uses fewer ingredients and highlights the produce. When you’re cooking with fruits and veggies that are packed full of flavour and nutrients, you can’t really go wrong!

Here at the Munching Mongoose, we believe strongly in the importance of seasonal eating, for our own health, and for the benefit of our community. And so we’ve made it easy. All our boxes are designed to include the best local and seasonal fruit and veg, chosen for you every week. And we’ve started a Recipe Box to help you on this journey, full of simple recipes, using beautifully fresh and seasonal ingredients.

So, go on. Get excited that Autumn is on it’s way,  and get ready for all those delicious oranges and yes, those heavenly avocados!

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