Farm visits: a catch-up with Mooberry Farms

By April 10, 2018BLOG
Munching Mongoose_Mooberry

Earlier this year we visited Mandy from Mooberry Farms, and her herd of beautiful cows. They have recently moved to a bigger farm, on the outskirts of Johannesburg, and we wanted to pop in for a visit, and say hello to our favourite bunch of jersey girls! We always love visiting the cows (and a family of donkeys who seem to feel they’re part of the herd) , and the farm is always so peaceful; it’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Mooberry’s dairy cows are free-range, spending their days out in the fields, where they graze on wild veld grasses, rye and oats. They come in for milking twice daily, early morning, and late afternoon. They are also fed a grain mix, which only includes natural products, to make sure they’re getting a healthy, balanced diet. Where possible, Mooberry grows its own food for the cows, and is working hard on finding a consistent source of GMO-free grain.

The milk we get from Mooberry is pasteurised, heated to 63 degrees celsius for 10 minutes. This kills the bad stuff, but retains some of the good stuff. They maintain very strict hygiene standards, and their cows are tested regularly for a range of diseases and bacteria, including Listeriosis, and all her cows have come back with a clean bill of health.

Mandy and her team at Mooberry are passionate about their cows, and the dairy products they produce, from their milk, to their yoghurts and their cheeses. And as we always say, you can taste the difference! They recently won SA champion for their halloumi cheese, at this year’s South African Dairy Championships! And according to our favourite Joburg blogger, Miss Lucky Pony: “The yoghurt was some of the best yoghurt I have ever tasted, it’s like it was made from the essence of a magical unicorn!” And who can resist magical unicorn yoghurt!

For a little more info on Mandy and her herd of jersey cows, visit their website, or give this previous blog post a read!

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  • Lizaan Smith says:

    Love your dairy!
    Kids think it’s the best milk they’ve ever had!
    Cream is insane!
    Butter is yum!
    Glass bottles great for me! Breast cancer survivor.
    Thank you and God bless!

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