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Each week, we deliver a box of fresh produce to homes around Joburg, and we work with a number of local suppliers, farmers and artisans to make that happen. If it weren’t for the brave entrepreneurs and skilled farmers and artisans out there, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and so we always strive to celebrate them and the amazing work that they’re doing. This week, we had the opportunity to visit Proper Snacks, and meet the man behind the nuts (pecan nuts, that is), Edwin Proper.

Proper Snacks started in 2015 out of a desire to help people lead happier, healthier and greener lives. Edwin and his family have 1700 pecan nut trees, on their farm in the Magaliesburg just outside Joburg, and the humble pecan nut is the inspiration behind Proper Snacks. Their pecan trees are grown naturally, without pesticides or other harmful products, and as you walk through the orchard, you share the space with a few friendly sheep, who help to control pests and weeds and add a little ‘organic’ fertiliser to the soil.

And their pecan nuts are some of the tastiest darn nuts in Joburg. The secret behind the nuts is their freshness. The nuts are harvested from the trees in May/June, and go straight into cold storage, in their shells. This keeps the nuts fresh, and all their snacks are made to order, so when you eat a Proper Snacks product, you can taste the difference! Proper Snacks makes a range of healthy snacks, from nut and dried fruit mixes, to nut bars and nut butters. Most of the dried fruit that goes into Proper Snacks is dried on the farm, with no added preservatives or sulphur, and all other ingredients are sourced as sustainably as possible.

And Proper Snacks is more than just a snack company. Edwin is also trying to change the way we’re eating our nuts – the trick is to eat a ‘handful’ every day, which is why the snacks come in 30g packs. He has personally experienced the positive impact this can have on our health, and believes that eating just a handful of nuts each day can help us live longer, and reduce our risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease (read more here). Proper Snacks is also trying to do things in a greener way. All their products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging. Their snack mixes come in biodegradable sleeves (and labels) that you could add straight to your compost heap! No plastic, no waste.

Edwin Proper is a man of many talents. He has a degree in Mechatronic Engineering, spent some time in the corporate world, has a growing knowledge of farming, and is now a successful entrepreneur. He has even released two solo albums (he sings too!). But more than that, Edwin is interested in leading a more sustainable life, and hopes to encourage others to do the same. He believes that Proper Snacks can positively impact on the lives of others, and help them to lead happier, healthier and greener lives.


We love Edwin and his story, and we think his Proper Snacks are super yum. You can find a selection of Proper Snacks products in our Munch Packs, or visit and order straight from the source, for delivery right to your door.

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