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By December 20, 2017BLOG
share the love

Christmas is finally upon us! It’s time for Santa hats, splashes in the pool, indulgent food, relatives we love, and relatives we love…to hate (just kidding!), and all the good and the crazy that comes with the holidays! But as we all get caught-up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas planning, shopping and festivities, it can be easy to forget that it’s not always a happy Christmas for everyone. We live in a country where we’re confronted with this reality on a daily basis, but instead of blocking it out or getting sad and frustrated about it, see it as an opportunity for you and your family to share the love and be a positive influence on the world around you. Here are some ideas on how to spread the cheer these holidays:

  • Do a family volunteer day at an organization that needs some extra hands over the holidays. Link it to something you or your kids are interested in. Love animals? Give an animal shelter a call and see if they need some extra hands!
  • Adopt a furry-friend from a shelter near you! Not only do you get a new addition to the family, you’re also saving a life and supporting the hard-working shelters that look after all the pups and kitties.
  • Clean out your cupboards, and donate old clothes, books and toys to a children’s home, or a church. It’s a good opportunity to clear out the clutter, share the love, and know that your all your stuff is going to a new home.
  • As a family, choose a charity that you would like to support, and send them a donation, in monetary value or buying things they need. Get your kids involved, and use it as an opportunity to open their hearts and show them some of the good work that’s happening in our city
  • Visit an old-age home – some poor folks are forgotten by their families at this time of year and they will welcome a smile and a hug from someone who is willing to let them know they are cared for after all!

If you’re looking for an organisation to support…Please go have a look at Abraham Kriel Children’s Home. Each month, a portion of our earnings goes towards donating fresh produce to the home, so you are already supporting them through us! But if you are looking for somewhere to spend your time or to send some gifts, please do consider them this holiday season – they do an AMAZING job of looking after their kids and they could always do with some extra Christmas spirit!

Whether you actually celebrate Christmas or not, there is nothing to stop you from spreading the holiday happiness! And don’t forget that it all starts at home, so make sure you are spreading the love there too, and spending lots of time with friends and family! Go forth mongaggle, and share the love!!

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